Why is filling out your survey better than going direct to National Highways?


Firstly – National Highways are asking all the wrong questions. We’ve included their questions so you can provide as much input as possible, but have asked some pretty fundamental ones of our own, such as ‘Do you want the A358 to be dualled in the first place?’. They aren't consulting on the impact to the environment, or local communities, or on the value for money delivered by the project. We think you deserve the opportunity to raise these concerns

Secondly – they are economical with the truth when presenting their results. Filling out the survey on our website means we

Thirdly – and most importantly, by filling out our survey, you are giving us valuable data which we can use to challenge National Highways, and the government, in the next stages of the process once the consultation has ended, including possible future legal action

Finally - all responses into our survey will be shared, in full, with National Highways, and will be treated in exactly the same way as if you have submitted them to National Highways direct. There is no down-side to submitting via our site

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